3 Tips For Winter Fuel-Efficiency

11012281_sWith the holiday season at an end, most people are not going to be traveling much. Now is the time when families hunker down, stay warm inside, and only travel for school and work.

But, with the expense of the holiday season and the cold weather inspiring summer time trips, now is the perfect time to be thinking about how much money is spent on monthly bills.

There are some bills that won’t change and can’t be affected much by behaviors or budgets. But, other bills, can be reduced by changing just a few habits.

Every vehicle needs gas to run, and if you want to get your car to school or work, then you have to budget enough money each month to fill it with gas.

To make the most of the money that you spend on gas for your car, follow these tips for maximum fuel efficiency:

  • This is a great way to save money on gas during the winter time. And, it is especially helpful during the school season. Talk with other parents and see if you can start a carpool getting all of your kids to and from school and rotating the days.
  • Club cards. Take advantage of the club card programs at grocery stores that offer fuel incentives. These programs are great because you accrue points for groceries that you were going to buy anyway, and then those points accumulate to give you a certain amount off of gas per gallon.
  • Auto maintenance. Keep your car or truck properly maintained with proper tire pressure and oil changes. This makes a big difference in how well your car runs, which then makes a big difference in how efficient it is about using gasoline.

Use this these tips for keeping your car fuel efficient and your budget in check. Now is a great time to be pinching pennies so that when the warm weather months arrive and you want to take a trip to somewhere tropical to defrost, you have the money to do it! Not to mention that these are all good tips for keeping the environment healthy and your car running great.

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