Make Sure Your Windshield Is In Good Shape This Winter

A car accident during any time of the year can be devastating. Especially during the winter months because of the slippery road and the cold temperatures.

The best way to avoid a winter car accident, besides driving defensively and watching for other drivers, is to make sure that your car and all of its equipment are in good working condition. Being safe on the road means being responsible about your car and maintaining it properly.

One main part of your car that should be kept up is the windshield. The windshield of your car protects you from debris and things that are flying around in the air. It also gives you good visibility so that you can predict obstacles that are coming up in the road.

Your windshield is just as important to your car’s safety as the tires. If the read on your tires is not in good shape, you could be in danger of sliding around on the road.

Here are some way to protect your windshield from becoming damaged this winter:

  • Make sure to keep your reservoir of windshield cleaner topped off so that you can clean your windshield any time that you need to. Keeping your windshield as clear as possible of bugs and other debris will ensure that you have the best visibility. Also, keep the inside of your windshield clean using glass cleaner and a rag.
  • If your windshield gets knicked from a rock or other debris, make sure to have the puncture fixed as soon as possible. This spot is essentially a weakness in the glass and the longer that you leave it unrepaired, the more of a chance you have of having a significant crack in your windshield.
  • During the winter months, when you go to your car in the morning and find it covered in a layer of ice, only use a proper ice-scraper to clean it. Using anything other than an ice scraper will cause damage to the glass of your windshield and could lead to a crack.

While your windshield is made from tempered glass, meaning that it will not shatter but, break into a million little pieces that stay together as one, having a break will significantly reduce your visibility. Make sure to keep good care of your windshield and avoid this situation.

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