A Few Things to Know About Body Damage to Your Car: Estimates

When our customers come to us they are dealing with the stress and anger of a car that’s been damaged, sometimes severely, either by another party, or an accident. Because accidents are not a normal, everyday occurrence (fortunately), people often don’t have a realistic idea of what it means to correct and fix damage to the body, engine, and other parts of a car, so we make it a point to explain to our customers how we do our estimates, so they have some idea of what to expect.

When we give you an estimate, we are only able to really see the surface of what’s happened to your car. When we actually get inside your car, we may encounter other things as we go, which means that more problems and more repair work may be needed than we originally thought. We do try and prepare you for this prospect as much as we can, by detailing the possible damage that may be discovered when we get in there, but we can’t foretell everything. Also, you may have had repair work that needed to be done before the accident, which was made worse by the accident and now needs to be done along with the rest of the work to make the car drivable. Please know that if this happens – we are not giving you any kind of run-around! We will genuinely give you the best and most accurate estimate we can before we start, with prices listed for parts and labor, as well as the cost of possible repairs you may be facing, and we will never charge you for any repair you don’t authorize!

If another shop says they absolutely guarantee that their estimate is the final estimate before they open the hood of your car, then they will leave things undone or unfixed in order to stay at that estimate. Our customer’s satisfaction and safety are our # 1 concerns, and we won’t compromise on either!

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