Follow These Tips For Safely Using Tire Chains

21454520_sDuring the winter months, it is not unusual for the weather to be very different in different parts of our state. In fact, you could be traveling from South to North and run into some severe weather, where it was very mild.

One of the great parts of living here is that it doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to get from one part of the state to another, which makes road trips and travel during all times of the year a fun way to spend weekends and vacations.

But, during the winter months, because the weather can be so different in different parts of the state, it is essential to be prepared. One element of traveling safely in Oregon is to carry chains with you during the winter months.

Tire chains help to improve the traction of your car’s tires on the slippery road. But, they can be a little challenging to put on your car, especially if you only do it once every couple of years. One some trips, however, it might be mandatory to have chains on your tires in order to continue on your trip.

Tire chains help to make travel safer for you and for other travelers by reducing the chances that anyone will be slipping off of the road or, even slipping into the flow of oncoming traffic.

ODOT makes the following recommendations for how to put tire chains on your vehicle:

  • Make sure that you purchase the correct size of tire chains by checking the owner’s manual for your vehicle. The manufacturer will have made a recommendation and published it in the manual for the size of tire chains that are best suited for your car.
  • As soon as you know that you need tire chains to continue on your trip, pull over to the soonest available chain up area and put the chains on your car. Waiting until the last minute, and then pulling onto the shoulder of the road can be very dangerous.
  • Make sure that all passengers that you have in your car, stay in the car when you are putting chains on. This is a very involved process that requires focus, and having other people, pets, and children milling around can be distracting.

Traveling in the winter around Oregon can be very beautiful, and spending time on the mountain is a great way to enjoy a weekend, but make sure that you are getting to and from your chosen locations by properly and safely putting your tire chains on.

In the pest community, many rodents are more active in the winter as this is the time they are searching for food and shelter for nesting. But, the cold temperatures are the complete opposite for fleas. In fact, fleas prefer temperatures that are around 75 and humidity levels of at least 70%.

The winter months do not provide this ideal environment, which is why this is the perfect time of the year to put some preventative measure in place to avoid a flea infestation come spring time.

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