Auto Collision Repair: What to Do in an Auto Accident

16085182_sCar collisions are one of the most common accidents that drivers meet while behind the wheel, and oftentimes, the costs involved in repairing the damages caused by the accident is as painful to the pockets as it is to see your favorite ride get crashed.

For most people, it can be difficult to assess the full damage that a car has received during a collision, but this is actually one of the first things that you should do – that is to estimate the extent of the damage and the cost associated with having it repaired.

When assessing the car and the damages, don’t just inspect the broken glass, scratches and dents on the outside, but pay particular attention to the inside of the car as well. Look for things that may be damaged like loose plugs and screws, squeezed wires and tubes, missing parts like caps and bolts, and even broken mechanisms like misaligned brake pads and so on. Aside from these, check also for any leaks under the car. Don’t just focus on what is damaged, but also on what may be damaged.

If your car is insured, you need to talk to your insurance company and report the incident. Here, the insurance company should cover all the expenses that are associated with repairing the car. Before this though, they can either send out a specialist to go and inspect your car. On the other hand, you should choose a repair shop, have your car towed there and get an estimate about how much the repair will cost. Sometimes, you have to wait for the representative from the insurance company so they can both take a look at the car.

Once an estimate is done, the insurance representative can start filing a report together with you to claim the amount for repair. The auto repair shop can start working on your car and depending on the agreed amount, they can either restore your car to its full glory, or simply patch up the holes to make it road worthy (not necessarily showroom worthy) again.




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