Auto interior cleaning: detailing like the pros

auto-interiorNow that your car or truck has been repaired and has that new car look, how about the inside of your car or truck? Think back to when you bought your first car. Try to remember that new car look and smell, how it felt to drive off the lot in a brand new vehicle, one with minimal miles on the odometer and an interior so clean you could eat off the seats. This is an exciting experience, but one that just as quickly disappears. Your daily driver is subjected to a lot of dirt and debris, perhaps an intense amount if you have little ones in the backseat.

Clean up your act (and your car)!
It takes a lot of work to keep a vehicle looking at its peak, so much so that a lot of car owners give up altogether, allowing the appearance of their pride and joy to fall on the backburner. Trust us; we know how depressing it can be to pull up to a shiny ride that yours once resembled. Since we understand your plight, we feel it only necessary to give you the tools to make your vehicle look like a million bucks once more. Here is how!

Magic secrets for a dazzling interior
The first thing you will want to is discard any and all unneeded items into the trash. Remove everything that you can and put it in a box for future organization. This will help avoid misplaced valuables, namely important vehicle documents like your insurance and registration.

Next, use a powerful vacuum with hose attachment to thoroughly suck up loose dirt. Do not forget to get underneath the seats, as this is where most debris tends to accumulate; seat crevices should not be overlooked either. If your car features a leather interior, spray a non-abrasive cleaner and allow it to soak before wiping. Cloth can be cleaned with a warm water/soap mixture and a scrub brush.

The larger and deeper the stain, the longer the chemicals will need to penetrate before removal. For the dashboard and corresponding vinyl areas, a product like Armor All will provides dual action cleaning and surface protection. The windows should be cleaned last; to get that streak-free shine, we recommend crumpling up and old piece of newspaper. The most important thing you can do when detailing a vehicle is take your time. Patience is a virtue!

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