Drive Careful On Your Summer Roadtrip

27776025_sTraveling during the summer months is one of the more fun activities. This is because typically, a drive during the summer means a trip to the lake, airport, or to see friends and family. But, summer travel is statistically the most dangerous driving you can do. Here are some reasons why:

More young drivers. With school out for break, there are more inexperienced drivers on the road. Teen drivers are some of the most unsafe drivers because they are new to the activity and don’t fully understand the dangers of driving. Also, most of the time teens are driving with other people in the car that are in their age group and this leads to distracted driving, which will quickly lead to a driving mistake.

Congestion. With more people on the road heading to various destinations, traffic and heavy congestion can easily lead to rear-end accidents. It is more common that it should be for a line of traffic to stop and someone who is not paying attention drive right into the back of the last car in the line. This situation gets compounded if there is a boat or trailer being towed adding to the weight of the vehicle and impact.

Tire blowouts. When the road and weather are hot this leads to a softening of the rubber on your tires and can result in a tire blowout. The longer you are on the road – on a road trip for instance – the more likely a tire blowout is to happen. If you are going to be driving during a heat wave, make sure to have your tires checked out first.

Bicycles and Motorcycles. The warm weather brings out all of the bikers. People on bicycles and motorcycles flock to the highways and this can quickly lead to accidents. If you are driving this summer make sure to be cautious of people on bikes.

A summer road trip is a great time to spend time with family and make fun memories. But, if that road trip ends with a motor vehicle accident the fun will soon be over. Be aware of these considerations this summer and get yourself and your family from point A to point B safely.


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