Eliminating Your Vehicle Blind Spot

Vehicle blind spot responsible for deaths

vehicle side mirror blind spotDespite what many people may think, a majority of vehicle blind spots are the result of driver error. It is true that larger cars and trucks can make seeing out the rear window difficult, but in most cases you should be able to see in all directions when on the road.

The importance of this cannot be overstated; thousands of motorists are involved in collisions every year due to one person not being able to see the other. Such incidences account for a large number of motorcycle accidents, many of which (4 out of 5 on average) lead to the death of the rider.

Minimizing your vehicle blind spot is as easy as adjusting the side mirrors; you may have the habit of turning inward so the side of your vehicle is visible By doing so this inherently blocks the rear quarter panel line of sight, which is the one area you need to see when fellow motorists are approaching from behind.

Bye-bye blind spot

  • Find a place to park your car that mimics real-world conditions – parking lots are good areas for this, as you can visualize what happens to the vehicles next to you when moving the mirrors back and forth.
  • Start by slowly adjusting each one outwards. You will know you have hit the sweet spot when you can barely see the side of your head in the mirror when it is pushed up against the window. This may feel uncomfortable, but again is the proper angle.
  • Repeat the process with the passenger side window, but this time position yourself in the middle of the vehicle (briefly sit on the center console) and move the mirror to where you can see just a small portion of the car. The line of sight will change in the driver’s seat to the correct area.
  • Duplicate views are a problem – the purpose of having two side mirrors and one rear view is to allow for 360 degree visualization. Whenever overlap exists between them, it means you have compromised a part of the view.

To stay on the safe side, have a friend walk around your vehicle while you are sitting in it. Never once should you lose sight of them without rotating your head; this will not be possible if the mirrors are adjusted properly.

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