End Of Summer Safe Driving Tips

38385035_sNow that the summer months are coming to an end and fall is just around the corner, the other thing is just around the corner is the dreaded first day of school. Not only does this mean a change in schedule and routine for many families, it also means more people will be on the road driving.

Here are some safety tips for driving during the back to school months:

  • Obey the speed limit signs. As you are driving through the school zones, make sure to obey the speed limits for during school hours. Sometimes there are different speed limits when school is in and out of session. While it is a good idea to follow the in school session speed limit at all times, it is especially important to do this when school is actually in session.
  • Obey the school bus lights. School buses are similar to semi-trucks in that the driver has a blind spot that makes it difficult for him or her to see smaller cars. For this reason, it is essential that you give school buses a wide berth when sharing the road. If a school bus has a turn signal on, make sure to slow down and give them plenty of room to make the turn. If the school bus has flashing lights on, make sure to head the warning and do not try and pass.
  • Remember that over the summer a whole group of teenage drivers got their license. Be thoughtful that there are more young drivers on the road now driving themselves to school. This means inexperienced drivers. Stay alert and drive defensively.
  • If your child’s school has rules about where to park and where to cross the parking lot, head those warnings and follow the rules. Make this a priority as it shows a good example for your children. School parking lots can be extremely chaotic during the first week of school while everyone is getting used to the new routine.

The first few weeks of school there are always more traffic accidents while people are getting used to the new routine and schedule. Those that don’t have children have been accustom to getting to their morning destination within a certain amount of time, but with school back in session that schedule takes much longer. It is everyone’s responsibility to be cautious and alert while driving to avoid collisions.

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