How to Get Rid of Bumper Stickers Safely

bumper stickersRemoving bumper stickers is a common problem among many car owners since improperly doing so can and will destroy the car’s paint job. Fortunately, there are several things which can help you do so without leaving any visible damage, and should somehow help your car achieve that nice and clean look.

Loosening the Adhesive
In order to remove the bumper sticker, you first need to loosen the adhesive glue that attaches the sticker to the car. In order to do this, you will need to heat it up to sort of melt it, and this can be done with the help of a hair dryer. First, you need to peel one portion of the sticker, lifting it carefully and making sure that it doesn’t tear. Once a portion of the sticker’s underside is visible, you can now start blowing hot air into it in order to heat the adhesive (remember not to set it on very high heat though, and this may cause the paint to discolor or chip). As you do so, peel the sticker lightly away from the car’s surface. Continue with this until the whole sticker is removed.

Using a Lubricant
Using the above method can be very time consuming especially if the sticker has been on the car for a very long time (in case you inherited the car from your parents or bought it second hand). The longer the sticker has been there, the drier the adhesive is. For such situations, you may want to resort to using lubricants in order to remove them. First, you need to peel off a portion of the sticker carefully, and when the underside is exposed, spray some lubricant onto it and let it set for a minute or so. Once the sticker and the adhesive soaked in the lubricant, it should be easier to remove. Continue peeling and spraying lubricant until the whole sticker is removed.

Cleaning the Residue
After you removed the sticker, you will notice that there are still some adhesive residues stuck to the car’s surface. Clean this up using an automotive adhesive cleaner and waxing the area (or the whole car) for a good finish. Now, as mentioned, this won’t always restore your car’s original appearance, but it will help you get rid of that embarrassing bumper sticker you stuck there way back in high school.

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