Is Your Car Ready For Spring Road Trips?

At the beginning of this month, the Groundhog promised that an early spring was coming. And, based on the recent weather, it seems like he was right. With winter on its way out, there are a lot of spring cleaning projects to start planning.

The promise of warmer weather and more outdoor activities, inspires most people to be thinking about things that they want to get done around the house. But, don’t discount adding maintenance for your cars to your list of spring projects.

Here are a couple of maintenance checks that you can schedule now to make sure your car is ready for any kind of road trip:

  • While it might seem counterproductive, it is important to have your car washed during the winter months. When the roads are slippery due to ice, snow, or rain it is common for salt to be sprinkled on them to help with traction. The salt mixes with the road oil and water and forms a corrosive layer on the bottom part of your car. Washing this off is important to protecting your paint, as well as the mechanisms of your car. It is not unusual for this grime to things up and cause corrosion.
  • Make sure to have the inside of your car cleaned during the winter time as well. The salt and oil from the roads will get on your feet as you are walking to and from your car, and once deposited on the carpets inside your car, it will begin breaking down the carpet.
  • Make sure that your windshield wipers have new wiper blades. The rubber from the wiper blades can get dried out during the winter months, so replacing the blades before the spring shower arrive is an important safety measure. Checking to make sure the motor and the arms are working properly before spring is important also.

While spring is still a few weeks off, this is a great time of year to have your car maintenance done, as it will ensure that your car is ready for a spur of the moment road trip as soon as the weather is compliant.


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