How much does Collision Repair Cost?

At Star Collision, we are asked almost on the daily how much our services cost, oftentimes by paranoid drivers that have recently been in a collision. Feelings of fear are always normal when it comes to unexpected auto expenses, especially when you are unsure about how much cost your insurance carrier will cover. Many car owners are tempted to drive their vehicles in their current shape to avoid paying a high shop bill.

This is quite common when the car still drives fine, despite its unsightly exterior. There is no reason why your car should continue looking bad shape, because you never know how what the cost will be until you compare the local shop rates. It is a good idea to call around for quotes before deciding to go through with collision repair. If you have any plans of selling your vehicle, whether to a dealership or a private party, we cannot emphasize the importance of this enough.

Prices will Vary
A few dents and dings may not seem much to you, as these could very well be the result of minor hail damage, but to the other party this could signify reckless driving habits and a lot more negative thoughts that could jeopardize your sale. When people see door dents, they automatically assume the worst. Think of it this way. Would you rather spend $300 on a quality, collision repair service, one that would restore your vehicle’s body to perfect condition, or risk missing $500-1000 due to hesitant buyers.

The true cost of a vehicle body repair must take into account what exactly needs fixing. Whereas surface scratches and other defects can be removed seamlessly, large dents or those that interfere with the vehicle’s frame and mechanical parts can easily be double or triple the cost. This is what the body shop tech will do upon inspecting your vehicle. They will identify the problem area and will provide you with a complete breakdown of everything you need to know.

You can get a general idea of what to expect by using an online calculator, but your best bet is to speak with a certified collision center tech like the pros at Star Collision. We guarantee an honest, affordable quote for all of our customers.


  1. It’s good to know more about choosing collision repair. I like how you said that it’s best to spend more money on quality repairs. That’s a good thing to keep in mind. My son was in an accident, so when we get it repaired, I’ll remember this.

  2. Thank you for bringing up getting better quality for a higher price. My husband and I were talking about what we would want if we needed to get our car repaired after an accident. I think that paying the higher price for a better job would be the best way to go because it would leave me feeling more confident in the state that my car is in.

  3. Sam Li

    I agree with what you said about there being no reason for your car to continue looking bad. Finding an auto body repair service is the best way to make your car or truck look like new. My cousin has a few dents on his passenger door, so I’ll make an effort to find an auto body repair shop in his respective area.

  4. Thanks for helping me understand collision repair better. It’s nice to know that the techs inspect the entire vehicle first to figure out the problem area. This seems incredibly important to fixing the problem at it’s root so that the car can function properly.

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