Our Process

8092488_sAt Star Body Works, we give you the options you need to begin the process of repairing your vehicle.

Star Body Works offers its customers several ways to begin and complete your car repair process so that it is an easy and predictable experience instead of a troublesome inconvenience.


If you are a regular web user and have access to email, then starcollisioncenters.net is a great way to get your repair process started. Simply register with us and submit your Star Body Works Repair Request and we will get things started.  Register a repair request today here.

Fax Submissions
It may be more convenient for you to fax your Star Body Works Repair Request and have us either fax your quote and confirmation, or call you on the phone. Simply click here to see a printable version of the Star Body Works Repair Request. Our fax number is 541-779-4685.

Walk-In Service
We always welcome walk-in customers who would like advice or wish to fill out a Star Body Works Repair Request in person. Please click here to find out more about our shop hours, location and phone numbers.

Update On Your Vehicle Status
Regardless of how you begin to repair your vehicle at Star Body Works, we know you will find our Online Vehicle Status Service both convenient and time efficient. Find out more!

Getting the Show on the Road
Once we have your trust and your car, we can get the show on the road. Here’s the typical process for how we might approach your order:

1. Prewash and inspect the vehicle, generate a repair order

2. Detailed Inspection – disassemble vehicle to expose all hidden damage, pre-pull and measure in order to notify insurance carrier and customer of repairs, order parts and calculate firm completion date

3. Frame and Body Work – measure and repair structure, re-treat areas where factory coatings are impaired, paint weld areas, prep new panels, check dimensions accuracy, install panels, inspect body and metal work

4. Prep and Paint – prime and sand vehicle to insure a flawless, rust-resistant finish; prep surface for painting by cleaning surface with compressed air and solvents; apply urethane coating to match factory finish and bake at 180 degrees for 45 minutes to provide factory durability

5. Completion and Inspection – remount parts, install upholstery, re-charge air conditioner, reconnect electrical wiring, perform test drive, wash and detail vehicle, complete final quality inspection and inform customer of pick-up time