Questions to Ask a Body Shop

auto bodyFinding the right auto body repair shop for your needs is not always easy – some will charge you expensively, while others will not be able to provide the kind of service that you want or need. Thus, if you do not want to be wasting your money on substandard auto body repairs, then make sure that you hire the right people for the job – but how do you know that you are hiring the right people? Ask the following questions below.

How Long Have You Serviced This Area?
A sign to a quality shop is the length they have been in business. If a shop has been serving the needs of the community for a long time chances are high that they are highly qualified, and dedicated to their customers success and satisfaction.

Have You Tried Fixing a Car like Mine Before?
One of the things that you want to know is if they have serviced a vehicle that is the same with yours. If they did, then chances are they are quite familiar with your car’s make and model and all its other components. In addition, you would also want to ask if they dealt with car problems similar to what you are asking them to do, and how much fixing that particular problem costs.

What Are Your Mechanics Qualifications?
Great auto body repair shops employs only trained and certified mechanics and technicians. There is no harm in asking about their certifications and qualifications – in fact it is required that mechanics and technicians undergo such trainings and certifications before they are able to practice.

What Materials will be Used?
You should also ask about the materials that the auto body repair shop will use. For instance, if you are asking for a paint job, ask about the quality of automotive paint that they will use, how many coatings of the paint and clear coating will be applied. If you do not like the quality of the paint they use, you can request that they use your preferred brand, although expect that this may somehow increase your bill.

What’s Your Guarantee?
Guarantees or warranties are very important, since they will help to protect you from substandard work. Ask about the different warranties that the auto body repair shop provides, including how long the warranty lasts, what are covered in it and what are the conditions that may render it void.
Having an auto body repair done can be quite heavy on the pocket, so you want to make that you hire the right people so you get your money’s worth.


  1. I appreciated how you mentioned that a car owner should ask the mechanic if they have dealt a problem that’s similar to theirs before because that will determine if they have the expertise to help. Surely, a dent is a pretty common problem that collision repairmen are familiar with. My car was dented when my younger cousin placed the toolbox on the shelf beside the car. It slipped and fell on the hood. Now I need a mechanic to fix it because it’s unsightly. Thanks for the tips. Now I can begin working.

  2. I like the tip about asking them how long they have served in the area. Understanding what experience a person has helps you determine what kind of quality they have to offer. If they have been in business for a long time, I agree that it shows they are dedicated to their clients. It is a good sign because it shows they have plenty of clients who trust them.

  3. I do like it when you said that in order to be sure that we get the best kind of services out of the collision repair shop, it is best to ask the tools that they are planning to use and make suggestions accordingly. I am pretty sure that I won’t do this though since I know nothing about cars. Still, I will ask the shop owner since I want to be sure what exactly they did and used to fix my car. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I’ve been wanting to get some auto collision repair services, and I think that getting some tips on finding a good shop would be good. I’m glad you talked about how you should ask a collision repair shop what materials would be used. I’m going to have to look for a few good auto collision repair services and see what we can find!

  5. I really liked what you said about asking about their quality of materials. I once worked at a company where quality was everything to them and it’s become something very important in my day-to-day life. I will be sure to include this question for whomever we consider for servicing our cars.

  6. I like that you mentioned that we should be asking about their qualifications. Like you said, it will assure us that they have undergone the right training and certifications to handle our vehicle. I will definitely ask about this first so that we will not have any problems with our car in the future since the staff as professionals. We just need to have the rust removed before it gets worse and spreads all over the car.

  7. I really like that you talked about how important it is to find an auto body repair shop that has qualified and trained mechanics to do the job on your car. My husband and I are looking for an auto body shop to fix our broken down car, but we aren’t sure how to find the best one. After reading this article, we will definitely look for an auto body repair shop that offers services by qualified and experienced mechanics that we can trust to get the job done well.

  8. Thanks for saying some things to ask a body shop. I had no idea that you can learn the qualifications of the mechanics and technicians. I’m interested to learn if they could get some specialized certifications for particular auto body repairs.

  9. It got me when you advised that I can ask the professional to use my preferred brand in case I do not like the type of paint brand that they use on the car’s body. Even if I get to spend a lot on the paint, I do not mind as long as I get the result that I want when I get the car’s body repaired. This is because the brand also helps protect the car from UV rays and such. Anyway, I will bear this in mind in case I need to get car repairs.

  10. I liked your suggestion to ask them if they have worked on a car like mine before. It never occurred to me to ask something like this before. I’ll be sure to do this the next time my car needs some work done.

  11. That’s good to know that you should check if the mechanics are trained and certified before you choose an auto body repair shop. My son backed up into a tree in our front yard, so I’m looking for a place to fix his back bumper. I’ll have to call around to find a shop near us that has licensed technicians that can work on his bumper to fix it.

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