How to Repair Rust on an Older Vehicle

rusty truckRust is one of the biggest enemies of cars and car owners – they do not only make your beloved vehicle look old and dirty, but they also can pose some issues which do not only affect the aesthetics and function of your car, but also its value, should you decide to sell it. When it comes to rust problems, it is often easier to bring them to an auto body repair shop and let them deal with the problem. However, if you want to do it on your own, here are the steps to guide you on this task.

Identifying the Rust
Rusts are not always difficult to find, especially in the cases of surface rust, where the paint has peeled off and the rusty iron underneath it shows. However, it doesn’t mean that if you don’t see any reddish brown spots on your vehicle that there is no rust, because there very may well be. One sign of rusting is the bubbling of your car’s paint, which happens because oxidation is taking place underneath the paint. What you need to do then is to chip away the bubbling paint and see if it has eaten away at the metal, in which case you need to call in a professional to take care of it. If it’s just a small rust spot, then you should be able to repair it yourself.
Repairing the Rusted Area
What you need to do now is to remove all the rust by sanding it away using several sandpapers of different grits. Start with using the rough one first to remove all rust that it can, and then use a smoother sandpaper to smoothen the sanded surface. Use very fine sandpaper as the last, and when the area feels very smooth to the touch, wipe it with a cloth and move on to the next step.

Painting the Sanded Area
First, get yourself a masking tape and some newspaper to cover up the surroundings of the sanded portion to keep paint from touching them. Once the tape and paper are secured, you can now start painting the sanded area with self-etching primer, apply this three times with ten minute interval between applications. Leave the primer to dry completely, which should take at least a day. Once the primer is completely dry, apply the matching paint color at least five times for good measure.
Now, don’t expect your car to return to its showroom condition after this, because it most likely won’t especially if you used the wrong hue. However, it should help to protect your car and allow you to enjoy longer.

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