Road salt and your car

Road salt 

road salt winterWinter is almost here, folks. Do you know what that means? In many parts of Oregon, it means the streets will soon be lined with layers of slush, mud, and road salt. Although necessary for countering the slick road conditions, vehicles everywhere are bound to suffer once more. The moment snow and ice are detected on the radar; city officials are quick to launch their fleet of salt sprayers.

Say no to salt

Due to the chemical reaction that occurs when salt mixes with metal, car undercarriages and bodies are at a heightened risk of developing rust. This is the last thing any vehicle owner wants or needs, so now is the time to start preparing. While there is no stopping the buildup of road debris, there are many steps you can take to protect your car’s exterior from serious harm.

Take proactive measures with your vehicle’s paint. You will want to keep it clean now more than ever. Ideally, this means thoroughly detailing the surface by hand washing, but an automatic car wash will suffice if you lack the time. Do not forget to spray and remove any and all buildup from the undercarriage. Once the car is clean and dry, apply a coat of premium-grade wax and wax sealant.

These substances act as barriers against road salt, in effect preventing it from sticking to the metal. We strongly advise you to hire a professional to perform undercarriage sealant services, as your vehicle will need to be elevated before it can be sprayed. It is also a good idea to wash your car on a regular basis (every week or two weeks) during the winter.

This may seem time-consuming, but the money you save by maintaining vehicle resale value is well worth it. In the event that your car or truck has been damaged by road salt, the automotive body repair pros at Star Collision Center can get it back to looking brand new! Our staff have worked on nearly every make and model, and have years of exterior detailing and restoration experience.

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