Safe Summer Driving Tips

37737821_sThe summer months are a great time for road trips and traveling out of town to see friends and family. Whether it is a trip into the mountains on a 2-way road or, you are traveling to a major city on an interstate there is a variety of drivers on the road – including young drivers who have just gotten their license.

Each summer several thousand collision occur throughout the Country involving young drivers. Whether it is due to inexperience, negligence, or it wasn’t their fault at all this group of drivers is at much great risk of having a motor vehicle accident.

If you are a young driver, or you know one, here are some tips for safe driving this summer:

  • Any time you are driving in an area where there are other drivers on the road, keep a safe following distance and increase it during the evening or early morning hours when the roads may not be as well-lit by the sun.
  • If the sun is in your eyes, slow down and increase the distance between you and the other cars on the road. If you are being tailgated, just pull over and let the other driver get by you.
  • Make sure that your vehicle receives proper maintenance including tires, wipers, headlights, taillights, and oil change. This will reduce the chances of a mechanical malfunction that could lead to a collision.
  • Regularly check the tire pressure in your tires and make sure that it is at the recommended amount as per the owners’ manual for your vehicle.
  • If you are driving with other people in the car, make sure they are not doing anything that is distracting to you. All passengers should be wearing their seatbelt and seated at all times while the car is in motion
  • Never talk on your cell phone or text while you are driving or stopped at an intersection. It is just as easy to be the victim of someone else’s negligence if you are not paying attention as it is to cause a collision due to your own negligence.
  • If your vehicle is not equipped with daytime running lights, make sure your turn on your headlights if the sunlight is dim. For instance, if it is early in the morning, near dusk, or a cloudy day.

Staying safe on the road is a challenge we all face each day, and most of the time without even thinking about it. We take for granted that we will get from point A to point B because that is what is on the to-do list for the day. But, we each need to be mindful while driving and especially younger drivers.

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