Signs That You Need A New Car Battery

19128368_sYour car is a complex piece of machinery with all sorts of mini systems within it that need to work individually but, also together as a whole. Luckily, each of these little systems gives signs when there is trouble. Here are some signs that your car battery is on the fritz:

Your engine is slow to turn over. When you are in the car and you turn the key in the ignition or, attempt to start the car in any other way, if the engine is sluggish and doesn’t want to turn over this is a clear sign that the battery is not giving enough power.

On the dashboard of your car there are several lights that signal various messages. One of these lights is the check engine light. If you notice this light on the dashboard it could be an indication that your battery power is weak.

On the side of the top of your car’s battery is a gauge that registers the level of fluid that is in the battery. If this fluid level is too low, the battery will not work properly to keep the car running.

If you notice around your battery casing and connections there is a build-up of corrosion and residue, this could indicate that your battery is leaking. If your battery is leaking your battery might not be getting the full charge which could lead to the car not starting.

Most car batteries last for at least three years. If your car battery is coming up on the three year mark, it could be time to replace it even if your car isn’t showing signs. The three year mark is a good time to take your car in to a licensed mechanic for inspection and have the battery looked at.

If the casing around your car battery is swollen, bloated, or damaged in any way this is a dangerous situation and your battery should be replaced immediately. The corrosion and gunk that is leaking is not good to have near your engine.

Spring and summer are great times of the year for taking trips, going on vacation, and spending time away from home. In order to do these things without stress, it is important that your car be in top working order. Be aware of these signs that your battery might need some TLC to prevent being stuck on the side of the road.

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