Some Things to Do and Questions to Ask a Body Repair Shop!

No doubt about it, dealing with a fender bender or – worse – a full-on, car crash, rates right up there with having anything from a root canal to – well, maybe not open-heart surgery, but it’s not a pleasant pastime. Possibly the worst part of the whole process is the initial start up – just finding the right body and repair shop to do the work correctly, for a reasonable price! We work hard to gain our customers respect and trust, and our repeat business and word-of-mouth is a testament to this, but we still advise you to do your due diligence when it comes to getting your car fixed properly. Your car is, after all, your biggest investment after your home, your kid’s college, and your kid’s teeth, so we feel that you should give it the attention it merits. What follows are some questions we think you should be sure to ask, and some things you might need to know:
It’s a good idea to get three appraisals and estimates for your car’s repair work, but how to find the places to call? Ask around, talk to your friends, co-workers, your kid’s friend’s parents – you will get plenty of information about who to go to – and even more important – who not to go to. Or you can look for shops on Angie’s,, and – and then take their ratings with a grain of salt. Know that you can go to any body shop you please!

If the three estimates are very different, ask why. It may be because one is doing a visible estimate only and does not include all the repair work necessary, or not using genuine manufacturers (OEM) parts.

  • Ask them if they guarantee their work, and for how long.
  • Ask them what kind of written estimates they provide; ask if they have additional fee structures.
  • Ask them how they estimate how long the labor for each repair takes.
  • Ask them what kind of credentials their technicians have.
  • Ask if the garage is an affiliate of the Automotive Service Association (ASA).
  • Ask if they handle your make and model of car, or what kinds of cars they specialize in.
  • Ask if they use OEM or aftermarket parts.
  • Ask if they provide loaner cars, or free pick-up and delivery.
  • At Star Collision Centers, we encourage our customers to look around and compare, because we know that they will find out – for themselves – that we offer the kind of quality work, customer care, and top-notch repair service they won’t find anywhere else. Our customers are our number one advertising tool, because they know we stand beside and behind our work!


    1. I appreciate your suggestion to get appraisals and quotes from at least three different collision repair shops. My husband and I have just been in an accident, so we are wondering how to find the best service to help fix up our car. We’ll definitely have to talk to at least three collision repair shops so that we can compare prices and appraisals.

    2. Thank you for listing some questions to ask an auto body repair shop. I have a dent in my car that I would love to get out, but I don’t know how to find a good shop. I like your tip about asking them what kind of credentials their technicians have. It would be good to find someone who is qualified to work on my car.

    3. I agree that the initial part of an auto collision is the most painful. It can be hard to search for a good repair shop. I like that you suggested getting three different estimates. I’m sure this is the best way to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your repair.

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