Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

31210375_sSpring is in the air! The sun is shining a little bit more each day, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the birds are singing. After a long, cold winter the sunshine is more than welcomed and inspires many people to start thinking about spring cleaning and summer road trips. We suggest that you combine the spring cleaning momentum with the road trip planning and spring clean your car!

Spring cleaning is all about dusting off the layer of grime and dingy and starting fresh and new. Applying this mentality to your car can save you time, money, and hassle in the long run. Proactively giving your car a little attention and TLC can help to identify and repair small problems before they turn into major breakdowns.

Some of the spring cleaning chores that you can do for your car include:

  • Get rid of the garbage. When the weather is cold outside it is highly unlikely that you’re going to spend any time outside cleaning the wrappers and receipts out of your car. This should be the first thing you do once the sun starts shining. Also, if you’ve been hauling anything around in the trunk or storage space of your car – take it out and put it where it goes! This extra weight is not good for your car.
  • Check the tire pressure. The pressure in your tires will change as the weather changes. With warmer weather you’re going to want to confirm that your tire pressure is as it should be.
  • Clean the windows and replace the wiper blades. The springtime is notorious for heavy rains and not having good wiper blades or having a dirty windshield can be dangerous.
  • Get a maintenance check. Your car relies on the fluids being topped off, filters being cleaned, and the tread on the tires being safe. During a regular maintenance check with a professional all of these areas of your car will be inspected and updated

Nobody wants to pack up their car and head out for vacation just to be left on the side of the road by a broken down car. Since you’re already going to be doing a whole list of spring cleaning chores – make sure to add spring cleaning your car to the list!

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