Summer Driving Safety Tips

25535362_sTaking road trips and going out of town during the summer months is something that many people look forward to all year long. Feeling the warm summer air, driving away from the busy schedule and runs the day to day, it’s all so freeing and something that we all need to do a little bit more of. But, if that road trip or vacation drive is interrupted by a car accident, the consequences are something none of us ever want to face. Here are some tips for keeping your summer driving save and accident-free:

Do not drive while you are sleepy. It is normal to feel some excitement and maybe even anxiety depending on where you are going the night before a big trip. However, don’t let those feelings prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. If you are still exhausted when you wake up in the morning, consider postponing the time that you planned to get on the road. While you are driving make sure to stop every few hours to stretch your legs and get the blood moving. Drink ice cold water rather than sodas as they can cause a sugar crash. Don’t take any kind of medication unless it is approved to operate a vehicle while you are on it.

Know your route before you hit the road. Not only is it a good idea to plan your route so that you know where you will be stopping for gas, etc. It is also important for staying safe. When you are familiar with what kind of terrain you will be traveling in, you can plan accordingly and make sure that you have what you will need for the trip. If you are using GPS, keep your phone out of reach and use the audio directions instead of visually looking down at the map.

Most importantly, do not drive while distracted. This is easier said than done, especially if you have small children in the car. However, getting them to and from your destination safely is the number one priority. Getting them the toy that fell on the floor while you are driving can wait.

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