Washing your car the eco-friendly way

The phrase “going green” has gone global on many fronts. Businesses everywhere are implementing environmentally-friendly development and work practices, and homeowners are recycling and making healthy choices for the planet more so than ever before. Not only does a green mindset protect the Earth, it also contributes to the sustainability of all of its ecosystems.

eco-friendlyCar cleaning tips that protect the environment
Small measures can have a major impact in this respect, so every step you take towards promoting the green movement is powerful. Why not start with your car? You do not have to drive a hybrid to enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly vehicle decisions. To keep your car’s body looking great and to help save some green of your own in the process, here are some tips for washing a vehicle exterior with the right products and the proper method.

With an abundance of manual and automatic car wash facilities at your disposal, it can be downright tempting to not do the job yourself. Aside from wasting a lot of water, your car’s paint can be damaged from the pressure, resulting in hairline scratches that look off-putting.

Wash smart
Why waste money and ruin your investment for the sake of a few minutes? Washing by hand is the only way to clean your car, and gives you the freedom to choose what materials are being used. Pay close attention to the ingredients used in common, store-bought products; mineral spirits and silicon are incredibly harmful to vehicle paint and are frequently used in auto body cleaning supplies.

This next tip is one most of us never even think about, but it definitely matters. Park and wash your car on your lawn instead of in the driveway, because this will allow the former to absorb the gallon of waters coming from the hose. It is a win-win; your car gets clean and your yard gets green! As per the rinsing solution, we recommend minimizing hose use to only when necessary, for leaving it running can easily waste a hundred gallons in no time. Filling a bucket is cheaper and more effective!

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